Self Healing Inspiration is designed to empower you to create health and avoid disease, physical ailments and depression.  We teach you to create health through healthy eating habits, exercise, spiritual health and authentic relationships.  We focus on the health benefits of a Natural Hygiene diet and or a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.  We rehabilitate the body through yoga, pilates and TRX.  We offer guided meditations to help clear the mind of negative thought patterns and into a positive creative zone.  We offer authentic relationship coaching to build true honest conscious connections with people.

Diet is such an important part of a healthy, body and spirit.  As part of the western world we have degraded our diets so much from what is natural food and it is causing havoc on our systems.  When we revert back to whole, natural and clean foods then we raise our vibrations and create a disease free body that has lots of energy, vibrancy and a feeling of bliss.  Our goal is to teach you how to create awesome health.  Our bodies are our temple and the most magnificent machine that we can ever encounter.  Let’s learn how to properly fuel ourselves to create the best version of ourselves.


Contact AMY HAGER @ 352.603.0025