Welcome to Self Healing Inspiration!

Self Healing Inspiration is a new company designed to empower you to heal yourself from any autoimmune disease, physical ailment, spiritual blocks and to develop authentic relationships.  We focus on the health benefits of a Natural Hygiene diet and or a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.  We rehabilitate the body through yoga, calisthenics and cardio.  We offer guided meditations to help clear the mind of negative thought patterns and into a positive creative zone.  We offer authentic relationship coaching to build true honest conscious connections with people.

Natural Hygiene and or Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

Diet is such an important part of a healthy mind body and spirit.  As part of the western world we have degraded our diets so much from what is natural food and it is causing havoc on our systems.  When we revert back to whole, natural and clean foods then we raise our vibrations and create a disease free body that has lots of energy, vibrance and health.  Our goal is to teach you how to create awesome health.  Our bodies are our temple and the most magnificent machine that we can ever encounter.  Let’s learn how to properly fuel ourselves to create the best version of ourselves.

Yoga, Calisthenics and Cardio

Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen the body, gain flexibility and learn to breath with the body.  It’s an excellent way to avoid injury and condition the body.  Check the calendar for discounted yoga classes until May 2017.

Calisthenics is great for strengthening the body with body weight exercises through movement.  It helps to increase joint strength, grip strength and build dynamic strength by using the body as a whole unit in a functional manner.  You can build several muscles at the same time which maximizes the efficiency of your workouts.

Obtain weight loss through cardio.  Get your heart pumping and learn to enjoy life.  Get out there, enjoy the sunshine and do your favorite cardio exercise.

Spiritual Health through Meditations and Coaching

A healthy mind and spirit are the pathways to true happiness.  Many times when we don’t have control of our emotions we behave in ways that are not in alignment with our goals.  For example when we get emotional, we may eat, drink alcohol, do drugs or other destructive activities to avoid the pain.  Truly feeling our emotions by addressing them instead of suppressing them is the path to freedom.  Learn to have a quiet mind so that we can allow room for creativity and growth.  We offer guided meditations and coaching to facilitate a healthy mind so that we can see your creative powers come to life.  Everyone has the ability to create, let’s empower you to see your inner gifts and beauty.

Authentic Relationships & Alternative Lifestyles

Learn to truly connect with other individuals through authentic relationships.  Learn the art of loving without attachment, whether you are alone, monogamous or polyamorous.  The secret to having thriving relationships is to have an amazing relationship with yourself.  How can you love yourself better?  How can you love others more?  How can you have relationships as a whole person instead of looking to a relationship to fulfill some need that is missing in your life.  Learn to fill your cup and watch how relationships with others seems to unfold effortlessly.

Contact Amy Hager @ 352-603-0025 or selfhealinginspiration@gmail.com for a free consultation.