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"New Book Helps Moms To Find Their Ideal Body Weight Without Dieting Using A Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle. A Feel Great Path to Live a Healthy Life of Freedom!"
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Hello Beautiful People,

If you'd like to find your ideal body weight and create vibrant health, then this book is for you.

If you want to feel great, then this book is for you.

This book offers my top 3 secrets on how I found my ideal body weight and feel great. My health has honestly never been better! I feel stronger, healthier and happier than I ever have in my life.  

At 132 pages, Weight Loss for Moms is a quick online read, and shares my personal struggles with weight loss. This book teaches you how I overcame my health issues and created a vibrant healthy life.  
Not Sure if this book is for you?, or You are not a mom? or you need to gain weight? Not a problem...
This book was written for moms as I am a mom and I share my mom struggles, however, this book is for everyone.  

My stories apply to everyone who wants to FEEL great naked and find their Ideal Body Weight.

Even if you are too thin and want to gain weight then this book is still for you!  

This book is about finding your IDEAL weight, CREATING health and Feeling great naked. How many of you really feel good in your skin? How many of you live a pain free life? How many of you feel good in your clothes? This book is about building your confidence, empowering you with tools to help yourself and offering support as I really do care!
Here's Exactly What You'll Learn Inside:
👩Dear Friends (pg. 4) 
Weight Loss for Moms offers 3 Big Steps that will kick start your health. I wish I knew these 3 steps when I first started learning about health. I tried a variety of different diets...this is what worked!

👩Introduction (pg. 25)
This book is my love letter to all the mothers out there who need to make room for their own self care. Mothers work so hard at caring for their families and we often neglect ourselves. DON'T DO THAT! You are soooo very important.

👩About Me (pg. 32)
This is Amy Hager from Self Healing Inspiration, LLC. Before I knew about a whole food plant base lifestyle, I struggled for years with chronic sinusitis, eczema and allergies. I also struggled with my ideal body weight.

👩Secret #1 (pg. 45)
Here I discuss my top weight loss tip. I suggest the number one foods to ADD into your lifestyle. I feel like I'm completely giving it away with this one secret but it's honestly the best way to find your ideal body weight and optimal health.

👩Secret #2 (pg. 69)
This section I discuss the number one foods to eliminate from your lifestyle! More times than not, we are our own worst enemy as we sabotage ourselves. Learn how to get out of your own way and find health and how to feel amazing in your body. 

👩My Mother's Story (pg. 76)
I watched my mother suffer for 28 years with digestive diseases, Parkinson's, Edema, kidney stones and mental disorders! I watched her spend millions of dollars on her healthcare, only to not get results. The only thing that she didn't and wouldn't try is to change her lifestyle.

👩Secret #3 Try These New Recipes (pg. 91) 
I offer a sample of my favorite recipes to try. If you really want to change your lifestyle then you need to get into the kitchen and have some fun learning new recipes. I personally love this section as good food always brings good company!

👩Bonus Step Teach Your Children About Healthy Foods (pg. 111)
When the airplane is crashing they say to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then the kids! Initially start with yourself. Then teach your children about healthy foods so that they make healthy choices on their own. The easiest way to teach children is by... 

👩Next Steps to Take Action (pg. 128)
Here's the next steps to take action on your health. Sending you all so much love, bliss, joy and hope for a beautiful, better, healthier life! 
"Weight Loss for Moms will help you find your ideal body weight while living a vibrant life filled with joy, happiness and wildly awesome health." 

Amy Hager

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